Nokia 4.2 cheaper than Nokia 2.2 in the US, but there is a catch

It is a bit crowded nowadays in the low-end segment of Nokia smartphones. Nokia 2.2, Nokia 3.2 and 4.2 might look alike, but its hardware components clearly show who is the king among the three. Nokia 4.2 is a nice piece of hardware that might be interesting for many folks that are stepping into the world of smartphones for the first time, definitely for the younger generation.
In the US the price of Nokia 4.2 is currently lower than the price of the most affordable Android One phone in the market, Nokia 2.2. You can get Nokia 4.2 over at BestBuy for $119.99 which is $20 cheaper than Nokia 2.2. But, if you think this is too good to be the truth, you are on to something. When you click the “see details” link below the price, the true face of the offer shows up. You can really get your brand new and unlocked Nokia 4.2 for $119.99 but only if you activate At&t services right away. If you want to use a different carrier, then the price is $169.99, which is $30 above the current price of Nokia 2.2 at BestBuy.

Anyway, this offer is still looking great for young people that are looking for a great and cheap first smartphone and a phone number. Just remember that you never forget your first… :).

Check the offer for Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 2.2 at BestBuy.


Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip 😉