Video: Nokibar goes hands on with the new Nokia X5

Photo: Nokibar (Nokia X5)

The well-known source of Nokia info from China, Nokibar, already got his hands on the new Nokia X5, that was officially announced today. The X5 features a design similar to the Nokia X6 and also offers solid specifications for a relatively low price. You can check the specs and pricing here, and now enjoy Nokibar’s first hands on video of the Nokia X5 (in Chinese, of course).


The X5 does look beautiful from the back and even from the front when the screen is turned off. I’m not sure why it received a wider notch than the Nokia X6, but there is an option in the settings to hide it if you want. The “Baltic Sea Blue” color looks really good, and I like seeing the Pro mode in the camera, even though the X5 lacks ZEISS optics.

Photo: Nokibar (Nokia X5)

To be honest, I’m not really impressed with the Nokia X5 from a European point of view or even better to say from the perspective of a Nokia fan outside China. The X5, just like the X6, is a China exclusive at the moment and will be sold via flash sales to keep the inventory costs down. We can say that HMD doubles down on their short Nokia X6 (2018) legacy of offering excellent specifications for an affordable price that is competitive in China, but something they cannot scale globally, because it would lead the company probably in bankrupcy.

I would be a bit “impressed” or at least excited about the X5 if HMD starts delivering their recently announced global devices like the Nokia 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 worldwide. We saw the Nokia 3.1 appearing in different markets with, as our Marin noted, interesting pricing differences, but for 2.1 and 5.1 we’re still waiting. Having the opportunity to see the devices first hand in Moscow, I’m pretty optimistic about them, because they seem like decent upgrades that retained (or should in theory retain) approximately the same price as their predecessors at launch.

But, let’s go back to the X5. What do you think of it? Will we see it globally as the 5.1 plus? 🙂