Nokia smartphones in short supply in Russia

If you live in Russia and you want to buy a midrange Nokia device, you will have a hard time finding one available. Even the official Nokia store in Russia doesn’t offer the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 6.1, while devices like Nokia 8.1, 5.1 Plus, 4.2 and others are marked as in “short supply”.


Nokia Anew noticed that too and provided a bit more info about the situation. It seems that the delay of Nokia 6.2 caused some type of hole in the supply chain and my guess is that the Huawei ban also increased the demand for Nokia phones in the last few weeks.

Not being able to fulfill the demand for its phones is a problem for HMD, especially considering that selling every unit counts, because HMD is still a small player in the industry.

Thanks Alexander for the tip. 🙂