Gray version of Nokia 9 PureView prototype posing on pictures

Nokia’s smartphones from the Symbian era were mostly black. The color to the smartphone world came with the Nokia Lumia series, or with the Nokia N9 that introduced glorious cyan color of the body. After the Nokia logo was replaced with Microsoft on Lumia smartphones, the color palette was back to black and white, mostly. That was the global trend anyway, and just recently manufacturers started using other than 50 shades of gray colors. When Nokia 8 came in copper, I thought that we’ll finally see some more color options, but steel and black usually dominated in the shipments. Nokia 7 Plus looked great with the inserted copper lines, but somehow I wanted to see more color options.

Nokia 9 PureView came in gorgeous blue, even though I expected a bit more color options. With the phone being late, and its annunciation questionable, HMD probably went with just one color version probably because they know that the sales won’t be that good. Adding some more color options wouldn’t cost that much, especially if we know that the layer of color is added to the back glass which can be taken off and color peeled off to make the phone transparent.

Anyway, the recently leaked photos of Nokia 9 PV in gray show that HMD was thinking of launching more color options of its flagship phone. At the image, you can probably see the late prototype of 9 PV or the pre-production model. It is unknown if Nokia 9 PV will be ever released in the gray version. Would you like to see gray Nokia 9 PV in stores, or you think that the blue version is enough?


Source Suomimobiili