Maria Varsellona leaving Nokia. New CLO and head of Nokia Technologies announced

Maria Varsellona

Nokia announced changes in senior management today. Maria Varsellona announced it is leaving Nokia at the end of October 2019 to join Swiss company ABB. This isn’t the first time some highly ranked executive left to ABB. Back in 2016, Nokia’s former CTO, Guido Jouret, also went to ABB. Anyway, since Varsellona was head of Nokia Technologies and Chief Legal Officer, two places need to be filled up. Nassib Abou-Khalil will become new Chief Legal Officer for Nokia, while Jenni Lukander will become President of Nokia Technologies. They will both be joining the GTL what is the abbreviation for Group Leadership Team, and both will report to Rajeev Suri, the president of Nokia and its current CEO.

By appointing a lawyer on top of the Nokia Technologies, Nokia clearly showed it won’t be changing the focus of this rather important division on patent licensing business. Hope that Lukander is aware of what Nokia Technologies is capable of achieving and that it will also be focusing on Nokia smartphone brand as well along with the development of new technologies that can be applied in future Nokia smartphones. I don’t know what is the future plan for the development of 5G smartphones, but it would be nice if Nokia could work closely with HMD Global on its development.
As of August 1st, the GLT will consist of the following members: Rajeev Suri, Nassib Abou-Khalil, Basil Alwan, Hans-Juergen Bill, Kathrin Buvac, Ricky Corker, Joerg Erlemeier, Barry French, Sanjay Goel, Bhaskar Gorti, Federico Guillén, Jenni Lukander, Sandra Motley, Kristian Pullola, Sri Reddy, Tommi Uitto and Marcus Weldon.

More details about the new members of Nokia’s Group Leadership team you can find on