Nokia Sleep to be available in April for €99

At CES 2018 in January, Nokia Health announced Nokia Sleep – a sleep monitoring pad that connects to your smart home solutions. Apart from tracking your heart rate, detecting snoring, doing sleep cycles analysis (deep, light and REM), the Nokia Sleep pad can, using the IFTTT (“a platform for creating automated scenarios”), turn off or on your lights, regulate the thermostat and do similar actions.

Nokia Sleep was supposed to be available in February, but considering all the things related to Nokia Health that happened since January (the “burning health memo“), no wonder the device was delayed. Of course, there is always a possibility that production problems happened, but I am more keen to believe that the “strategic review” is to blame for the 2 month delay.

We could also see this (the sale start of Sleep) as a positive sign that Nokia Health is still operating and that the “strategic review” doesn’t need to end in the worst case possible. It’s surely hard to do “business as usual” while Nokia is deciding your fate, but the soon the review is over, under the condition that Nokia Health will keep on operating, the sooner there will be some trust that the devices and services won’t be discontinued tomorrow. I personally feel that way and don’t want to invest in something that can be liquidated literally tomorrow.

On the other hand, there are positive signs (like the Nokia Sleep) that we will continue to see different gadgets with the Nokia logo. Maybe from a new owner that could be the current maker of Nokia phones, HMD Global. HMD’s CEO Florian Seiche said to us that HMD is interested in companion devices for Nokia phones, but we should “stay tuned” for concrete news.

Nokia Sleep will be available starting April 10th for €99.95 over the official Nokia Health store and other retailers. Nokia Health is offering €30 off if you buy two Sleep pads. The offer will end on April 10th and you can check it here.