Nokia 3.1A available at Walmart for $89

The recently announced Nokia 3.1A for the US operator AT&T Wireless is now available over on Walmart webshop. The price of 3.1A is $89.00, which is lower than the price of last year’s Nokia 3.1. Also, the hardware of 3.1A is much better than the original 3.1, and that makes it a great entry-level smartphone. The only advantage of the old 3.1 is the membership in the Android One club that 3.1A doesn’t have since it is a carrier phone. This should cause a problem since Nokia Mobile promised to deliver updates and security patches regularly during the 18 months period.

The delivery of the phone is free but don’t expect it before June 20. If you would like to pick it up today, it is on stock at San Leandro, 1919 Davis St. For more details check Walmart page.

Thanks Indranil Acharya for the tip 😉