Google rolls out popup for browser, search engine alternative on Android phones in the EU

Last year, the European Commission issued a 5 billion dollars fine to Google for breaching EU anti-trust rules by limiting competition for its services on Android. One of the steps to comply with the decision was to allow users to choose the browser and Search engine they want to use. That option started Rolling out for Android users in the European Union.

As Android Police reports, the option to pick browsers/search engine of your choice will open the first time you open the Play Store after a new update hits the app. I can confirm that when opening the Play Store few moments ago, a popup appears with browser suggestions just like on screenshots below the title from AP.

Other moves Google has been making in light of the fine is offer OEMs inside the EU the option of not pre-loading all Google apps with the Play Store support. Also, devices with more than 100,000 activations in the EU should receive at least 4 updates in 2 years. We covered this and other measures in a separate article a year ago here.

Source: Android Police