Jolla announced fourth generation of its Sailfish OS


Do you know what is the only thing that the majority of an ex, current and future users, and owners of Nokia smartphones would like to see on them, but will never happen? Betteridge’s law suggests that the right answer could be no, but Sailfish OS is the correct answer, and the new and improved fourth generation of that OS is now announced.

Jolla, the maker of the OS that has its roots in Nokia’s MeeGo has announced Sailfish 4 that includes over 5000 improvements and fixes since the Sailfish 3, which was released in 2018. The main focus of this update is set to various security features to ease corporate level deployments but which are also beneficial for all privacy-caring users.

Also, Sailfish OS now supports apps for Android 9 with the support for Android 10 apps in a late stage of development. The new software release is named Koli (Sailfish OS 4.0.1) and it is available for Sailfish X devices also with several security and functionality updates. Koli is also including an updated web browser, redesigned daily usage flow of key applications, as well as a rebooted developer experience.

It is interesting to see that Jolla is also thinking of offering its software for different chipsets and device formats, from smart watches to computers, thanks to the  Hardware Adaptation Development Kit.

Jolla redesigned the looks of its official site to match up with the OS, and if you are interested in finding more about it, do check  Koli blog post created by Jolla’s software engineer David Llewellyn-Jones.