OZO Playback is new smartphone audio enhancement from Nokia

With the return of Nokia smartphones to the smartphone market, Nokia showed us a monetization model for some of the technologies it developed over the past few years. After two year promotion period in Nokia devices, OZO is ready to be used by others what we covered here.
Back in 2018, Nokia demonstrated that Nokia brand isn’t the only thing that is out in the market and that some other technologies like OZO Audio could be lucrative enough. Two new OZO Audio technologies, OZO Focus and OZO Zoom, were announced. Technologies department didn’t stop the development of its OZO Audio software but quietly launched OZO Playback. This software feature makes the sound you play through your device speakers, or headphones, much richer. OZO Playback is optimized for devices with symmetrically placed stereo loudspeakers, but it can be used for the asymmetric speaker configuration just as good.

Another new option that OZO Playback is bringing to the smartphone devices is Adaptive Stereo Widening, that can make the sound coming from your device’s speakers much louder and richer.

I am not sure if Nokia will bring OZO Playback to newer, or even older, Nokia devices, but that would be a smart move from HMD Global to do. The owners of Nokia 6 (2017) know how well did Doly Surround sound work when listened to the music through loudspeaker or headphones. Anyway, seem like the deal with Dolby is long over, so I see a chance of raising the sound reproduction quality through OZO Playback.


Learn more about Nokia OZO Audio at Nokia.com