Nokia 4.2 received Android 9 Pie build with May security patch

Nokia 4.2 is an interesting device. I can only think of one device that could be better than 4.2, and that is the combination of Nokia 3.2 and 4.2. Recently, Stipe and I were joking that HMD made three devices out of one, and that is Nokia 3.2. If you sum 2.2, 3.2 and 4.2 and divide that with the number of devices launched, you get 3.2 :). Now when you calculated that, I must say that those three devices joined into one real Nokia 3.2 could conquer the low-end market. Anyway, let’s get serious. NPU reported that the Nokia 4.2, the best of the trio, just received the Android 9 Pie build (V1.22E) that also brought the May security patch. The size of the update is 439.7 MB, and it brought some improvements among which the new Display setting is the biggest one. Now you can adjust the white balance the display on your Nokia 4.2.

It seems that the update is currently available in India. Anyone here got a Nokia 4.2? We still haven’t, but from what I saw at the MWC2019, seems like a good phone. If you do have it, check if the update is available and tell us if you noticed something new either than the White balance.

Source NPU 1 / 2

Thanks themighty for the tip 😉