Nokia Wasp (TA-1188) certified in Indonesia

Nokia TA-1188 started showing on web pages of various certificate issuing agencies all over the world during the Q1 2019. Not much info has been revealed by the available documents, but we know that Nokia Mobile calls this 4G smartphone a Wasp, that it will be available as a Single and Dual SIM model and have a removable battery. Now the phone passed the certification process in Indonesia which suggests the arrival to the more specific market, and also that the announcement date is close.

Anyway, this is all I could find about this model that should have more variants according to the various TA model numbers.
Model: Nokia Wasp
– Dual SIM TA-1184, Single SIM TA-1179;
– Dual SIM TA-1188, Single SIM TA-1191
Dimensions: 145.96×70.56
Connectivity: LTE, Dual SIM, WiFi, BT, FM Radio, GNSS
Memory: 3/32GB Kingston
Battery: Removable
Software: 00ww_0_095


The funny thing about this certificate is the name mentioned for the HMD Global. Many folks busted their heads to find the meaning for those three letters. Many thought it was the abbreviation for Home of Mobile Devices or Hey Man, a Duck… But, none was correct. It actually doesn’t mean anything since good people of HMD told us that the combination of letters just sounded well to them. The certification agency in Indonesia thinks that HMD stands for Hello Mobile Device and you know what, they might be right :).


Thanks Rocky for the tip ;).


Source: P3DN