#Hub:Raum, #Nokia and #DT Group start a startup program for developing the communications industry

Two global leaders in the field of telecommunications services and technology, Nokia and Deutsche Telekom, launched a new program for startup companies in the communications industry called WARP Future Communication. This program is open to all startup companies from all over Europe, with the main objective of the program being the development of innovative communication services that will make life easier for users of the Deutsche Telekom Group and Nokia.

WARP Future Communication is designed for startups that can bring innovation in communications services and related fields, such as speech recognition, parental control, artificial intelligence (AI), send and receive voice messages, digital life, and generally enhance voice Communications and video communications. This program provides startups  all the tools and resources necessary for the development, dissemination and commercialization of its own services, both from a technical and from a business point of view.

WARP Future Communication will provide a so-called “triangle of power”, with Nokia providing a technical support platform, Deutsche Telekom the distribution channel and the startup accelerator “hub:raum” that provides knowledge, experience and tools necessary to build, develop and commercialize products. Of course, in Croatia the project is sponsored by Croatian Telecom (cro. Hrvatski Telekom), a part of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

“We are convinced that the challenges that we are meeting require establishing partnerships across the different industries that focus on mutual acceleration, provide access to new expertise and technologies and lead to the development of new cases of use. The joint and open innovation can be in conjunction with the successful industrial partners successfully direct corporate efforts towards a more effective compliance with the needs of the user. For this reason, the program WARP Future Communication so far unique – it gives startup companies the possibility of faster time to market with the support of two major corporations, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia, “explained Jakub Prebola head startup accelerator hub: raum for Central and Eastern Europe

“Croatian Telecom is an important part of this project allowing a partner tendering for Croatian companies. As the largest Croatian startup accelerator that strongly believes in the potential of this initiative, Croatian Telecom will support all interested start-ups in order to show their authentic business skills in the competition,” said Ana Pauzar, head of product development and offer of new products in the Croatian Telecom.