Official Nokia store in Philippines Lazada offering nice vouchers for Nokia Brand day

Nokia Mobile organised a Nokia Mobile Brand day in the Philippines, which is an event similar to the one organised just recently in India. Anyway, if you are in the Philippines and were planning on getting yourself a new Nokia phone, you should check the official Nokia store Lazada which is offering vouchers up to up 5000 pesos, which is around €85. The brand day will end on May 26 so you better hurry :). I just checked the store out, and I find it interesting that you can buy Nokia 7 Plus for around €200 which is an extremely good offer. Lazada is doing a great job in the Philippines, and this kind of discounts come there quite often. Promotions are good for attracting people to the brand, but this also suggests that new Nokia smartphones are most probably coming our way. But, if you don’t want to wait for a new Nokia model, or just don’t care about that, Nokia 7 Plus is still a grabber if you ask me.

Cheers JP Tizon and MichealsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 🙂