Withings (Nokia) Body Cardio getting Pulse Wave Velocity feature back in EU

During Withings two year leave, Nokia Health launched a Nokia Body cardio scale. This particular scale differed from the others because it was able to detect Pulse Wave Velocity trough your feet or the shock wave that your aorta makes every time heart pumps the blood into it. The propagation of the wave can tell the condition of your cardiovascular health.

Anyway, that feature was willingly blocked by Nokia not long after the most advanced scale in the Nokia Health portfolio was launched. Nokia explained that PWV wasn’t suitable for wellness devices so it didn’t get the right approval for the scale. Anyway, this feature was finally approved by the EU, and Withings is now restoring it back to the owners of Nokia Body Cardio and Withings Body cardio scales. The owners in the US won’t be getting this feature yet because FDA still didn’t approve it, but Withings is in talks with them so stay tuned.

To find out more about how the PWV is measured by Body Cardio scale check the full explanation here.