Samsung revealed upcoming Nokia 9 variants?!

Samsung is the ruler of the smartphone market. Samsung is omnipotent. Samsung knows what memory options should Nokia include with its flagship model Nokia 9 (TA-1094).

I know, I might sound like a Samsung fan, but some of the previously mentioned statements are true. Samsung in Latvia/Estonia has a buyback-offers web page, where you can offer Samsung your current phone, and Samsung will reduce the price of their smartphone you are interested in. Everything would be OK if Samsung hasn’t listed unannounced Nokia 9 with all the memory variants on the list.

According to Samsung, we can expect Nokia 9 with 128 GB of internal memory, both in Dual and Single SIM variant, and Nokia 9 with 64 GB of internal memory, again in Dual and Single SIM variant. At first, I thought it was a mistake and that Samsung was probably thinking of Nokia 8 Sirocco, which isn’t included on the list (or I need glasses). But, Sirocco only comes in 6/128 GB version, so that clears it from the suspects’ list.

If this is true, that Nokia 9 might not be the second smartphone capable of having a 1Tb of the internal memory. Some are saying that Nokia 9 (or TA-1094) with Penta camera setup is the cheaper flagship phone, and that true flagship is still highly guarded secret. I say, let us first see the Nokia 9 because that 5 cameras can’t be the only wow thing of the phone.

Source: Roland Quandt / Samsung Latvia

Headline photo by @phonedesigner