Live from Nokiamobile #GetSmart event

It’s a sunny day in Barcelona, and we are at the position on the Nokiamobile #Getsmart event. 

HMD is almost ready to show us what they got, but so are we. Actually, I since Stipe is drinking cocktails somewhere :).

The show is almost ready to start. Welcome guys and thanks for being here with me. I’ll update new info about the devices as soon as I can.

The atmosphere is great, and the room is filling up with the press from all around the world. The nice music is tuning us in the atmosphere of the announcement of new Nokia phones.

What to expect you can check quickly here.

The show is on. Florian Seiche is on the stage covering the job HMD did in the past 12 months. HMD managed to climb up on the fifth place in the smartphone business in some markets, and number on in feature phone business.

Nokia has the largest portfolio of smartphones that are running the latest Android 9 Pie, well thanks to the Android One. Also, HMD has the largest portfolio of Nokia devices that are in the android enterprize recommended club.

Juho Sarvikas is on the stage now and is ready to present the new Nokia lineup.


The new Nokia phone will be a new feature phone, actually, it is Nokia 210, the most affordable 2.5 G device of today. It is running the s30+ OS that will have app store with games, ringtones and wallpapers on. The battery will last about a month and you’ll be able to talk for the whole day.

It will be available in Red, Gray and black and for 35 US dollars starting from the next week.

Now is time for the successor of Nokia 1. The big sister of Nokia 1 is Nokia 1 Plus, so the Plus  name is still here with us.


The biggest upgrade on Nokia 1 is in the screen and camera. The screen is 5.45 inch IPS. The camera at the back is upgraded to 8 MP while the selfie camera was updated to 5 MP. The camera app will be enriched with some options like beautify. The new thing is better GO apps like Youtube and Google Maps that should work faster. The price of the device is 99 USD and it will be available in March in red, blue and black colour.

Nokia 4 is the next one. This is a number that we haven’t seen in a while in Nokia lineup. :). Nokia 4 will have a small tear-shaped notch at the front which doesn’t look bad. Now is the time for Nokia 3.

The policarbonate body will have 6.26-inch Snapdragon 425 process that should ensure the battery life of two days. Nokia 3 like Nokia 4 will have a breathing power button, something we last saw at Symbian devices. This is a cool addition to the Nokia lineup.


Oh man, the internet is so bad here in the hall so I can’t update photos :).


HMD went Bigsby with Google since new Nokia phones will now have a dedicated Google assistant button incorporated in the body. Well, at least some phones will be having that.

Both Nokia 3 and 4 will have Face unlocking feature, and the big improvements will come in photography since there will be some AI that will help us get better shots. Nokia 4 has a depth sensor so the shots should be even better than 3.


New Nokia 4 will ship in pink sand and black while Nokia 3 will be available in black. Nokia 3 will cost you 139 usd, and Nokia 4 169 usd. Both devices will be shipped in April

Oh man, it is time for Nokia 9 Pureview!!!


In the 5 camera array, two are RGB cameras and the other three are monochrome that are capturing all of the specter of light. The imaging was developed together with Light.


Nokia 9 Pureview will be pushing 64 MP resolution of the photos, but can deliver 240 MP resolution if we are using all of the cameras. The detail and contrast are going to benefit the most in the photos that Nokia 9 is taking, and it will also be using the full depth bitmap.


HMD partnered also with Adobe to give better shots and release the custom lens profiles that will make you a professional photographer. Nokia 9 will also be able to change the focus in the post-processing, and will also be able to create a great B/W photos. The exposure time will be possible to set up to 10s which is something a lot of photo enthusiasts been waiting for.

Nokia 9 is made out of a single block of aluminum which is 8 mm thick and IP67 rating. It has wireless charging also included.


Nokia 9 has 2K plastic OLED panel that has great color reproduction. The fingerprint sensor is under display


6GB RAM and 128 GB of ROM will be available for 699 USD and will available during March and the preorders will start immediately in some ma




There was no mention of Snapdragon 845 but that is maybe for the best 🙂


The show has ended and I would like to hear from you guys!