Nokia X30 and G60 on discount in the UK

G60 left vs X30 right
G60 left vs X30 right

Not so long ago we managed to get nice coupons for all the Nokia fans in the UK. The coupons shave 15% off the price of the Nokia G60, Nokia X30, and feature phones which are not sold in bundles, and you are able to use them till the end of June.

Let’s give an example of the Nokia X30, which is my daily driver since September 2022. I must admit that at first, I didn’t like the device, but with the latest software updates and Android 13, it got more reliable. It is so reliable that I can recommend it, especially at the price you can get in the UK.

Nokia Mobile is charging for the device £329.00 (380€), which is a good price for this midranger. However, when you add to that price our code 15NOKIAX30, you take another 15% of the price which is then £279.65 or 325€. In case you are interested in the Nokia X30 (6/128GB), click the link and enjoy your new device.


In case you like the Nokia G60, which shares a lot of hardware specs as the X30, click the link and add 15NOKIAG60. This device is praised now for £219.00 or 254€ (original price £269.99), and the price with a coupon is £186.15 or 216€ which is not bad for that kind of a phone.

Unfortunately, our coupon doesn’t work for Nokia 2660, but I’ll see if we can do something (at least for the UK market for now).

So, anyone getting G60 5G or X30 5G?