Nokia Mobile using AI and automation in their supply chain system

Nokia used to have one of the best logistics systems in the mobile industry, and the responsible person for that is one of the Nokia Mobile’s founders, Jean-Francois Baril. It didn’t come as a surprise when Nokia Mobile announced that its logistics is completely done in the cloud and aided by AI. SupplyChainDigital did a nice interview with the Noha Samara which is the Head of Customers Logistics at Nokia Mobile. The interview describes all the steps taken to improve the logistics of a small startup company. Nokia Mobile, introduced by HMD Global, did have a nice start since the Nokia logo was still strong and well recognized, but the financial situation of a small startup can’t be compared with the former Devices and Services Department of Nokia that had all the resources needed. It was challenging to achieve the same level of functionality in the logistics for Nokia Mobile, but modern technologies and adaptability of a small startup solved that.

Nokia Mobile used software solutions to achieve end-to-end visibility that enables them to bring the right decisions in the whole industrial process that makes Nokia phones come from the designer’s board to the hand of the customer. They used ERP or the Enterprise resource planning system to develop regional and global dashboards that make the process visible to internal associates. They also developed a supply chain system for distributors and retailers so they could conduct order placement, processing, shipment tracking and invoicing.

Nokia Mobile also started using Artificial Intelligence and automation in their supply chain operating models. They are currently using AI in dashboards, customer reporting, SKU planning, shipment planning, and supply allocation planning. Nokia Mobile I also working a lot on agility which helps distribute products faster to the markets through their partners like Agility, DHL, and DB Schenker.


Nokia Mobile showed that you don’t have to be big to be just as good or agile as the big companies, but those big companies ship their devices faster to the markets and have resources to develop them faster which is something that Nokia Mobile still lacks. I’m dreaming of a day when people will be able to buy a new Nokia device a week after its announcement at all major markets or be able to buy or even find new Nokia accessories in the stores. This shows that the ingenuity of a small start-up needs the power of money, a lot of money. Or, maybe we are still expecting Nokia Mobile to be the Nokia we once used to know and love. However, kudos to Nokia Mobile for bringing the Nokia brand back to life.

Thanks MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip, or tips ?