Nokia 7 plus sold out in 3rd flash sale in China

With every flash sale done in China, we are getting closer and closer to the global release of the Nokia 7 plus device. The 7 plus is expected to be available globally next month for about 400 euros, but price and availability will depend on the market. In China, HMD already had, now, 3 flash sales for the Nokia 7 plus, that were sold out pretty quickly. No wonder, because the device in 4GB+64GB configuration is priced at about 300 euros there, while the variant with 6GB RAM costs 20 euros more.

Nokia 7 plus flash sales were organized by and At there are already 9,200 reviews for the device, which is a huge increase from the 2nd flash sale when 2,800 reviews were posted. We don’t know how many units of the Nokia 7 plus were sold, but considering the 98% approval rating, almost all buyers that left the review are pleased with their device.

HMD stepped up their (or FIH’s) manufacturing capabilities, and we already have the Nokia 1 on sale in some European (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania) and African countries (Ghana). Some markets will see the new Nokia 6 this month; for example in Russia, where the sale of the new 6 starts on 27th of March, for a solid 255 euro price point. The official release date for all smartphones HMD announced at MWC2018 is April. That’s also the month devices should hit one of HMD’s most important markets, India. The US, another market HMD is very interested in, will receive just the new 6 from the new devices, but there are rumors that HMD is preparing something bigger for the US for later this year. Let’s wait and see. 🙂