Futurithmic is a Nokia imagined online publication

Have you ever heard of Futurithmic? Neither have I but it is out there, on the internet, with fully working web page and active social network accounts. It is also related to Nokia itself. It appears that Nokia quietly started, or at least assisted creating the tech journal where a large number of professional tech journalists and guest authors will write about the possible implications of the modern technology on society, business, politics, environment, and humans. It looks to me that the Futurithmic officially started on 14 February since that is the date when Michael Hainsworth, Editor In Chief there, published the “Welcome to Futurithmic” post.

The portal is already full of various interesting posts from each of the topic groups so do check it out. Futurithmic is present on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn, so you have a wide variety of choices for following them. It seems that Futurithmic’s YouTube channel is going to be active too since the first published video does give a nice overview of how AR will interfere with our daily lives.



I don’t know how deep Nokia is involved in the whole story since all of the journalists are not Nokia employees, but it seems they are keeping the whole thing up and running. Most of the published posts are following what Nokia is doing in the networking business, but everything is written autonomously by professionals.


Well dear Futurithmicians, we wish you a warm welcome to the Nokia world!