Android 9 Pie reportedly coming to Nokia 3.1 Plus and 5 this week; Schedule known for Nokia 6, 3, 1 and others *UPDATE*

In an exclusive statement to Android Authority, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas basically announced the whole roadmap of Android 9 Pie for most of remaining Nokia devices for which Pie update didn’t start yet

This week, Android 9 Pie should start hitting the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 5 (2017). Not surprisingly, considering Android 9 Pie ROM for Nokia 5 was leaked in China (with Pro camera) and Nokia 3.1 Plus (alongside other Nokia phones) was spotted on Geekbench running the Pie.

Nokia 6 will receive Android 9 Pie a week or two after them. Usually Nokia 5 and 6 receive updates at the same time because of the same SoC (Snapdragon 430), but Nokia 6 also features Dolby Atmos that requires additional tuning for Pie, thus the 6 goes after the 5 this time.

In Q2 2019, HMD will conclude the Pie updates with the rollout of Pie for Nokia 3 and Nokia 1, that will be the last devices to receive Pie in HMD’s lineup, according to Android Authority. Any devices not mentioned, like Nokia 2.1, 2, 3.1, 5.1 (think that’s all?) should see a Pie rollout somewehre in-between Nokia 6 and the Nokia 3/Nokia 1 release, which would also mean in Q1/Q2.

Allow me to be a bit skeptical about this timetable, mainly considering the situation of Nokia 2 that still runs Android Nougat. Maybe HMD will prove us skeptics wrong and release Pie for all devices before the second half of 2019 hits, as this report suggests. Don’t get me wrong, compared to other OEMs, HMD is doing a great job in providing software updates. It’s not perfect, as we see with Nokia 2 or Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco situation, but they will probably have like 90% of their lineup on Pie before Android Q is released, in my opinion, which is unusual (in a good way) in the Android world.

Source: Android Authority


Update: HMD officially released the roadmap of Android 9 Pie updates for Nokia phones.