Video: The most precious gift you can give, is you – Nokia Christmas ad

In the last two years, HMD’s digital marketing department proved itself capable of making well-done Nokia ads, playing heavily on nostalgia, human emotions, or in other words, things that are associated with the Nokia brand. Last Christmas we saw the emotional “Be the gift” ad, perfectly showing how Nokia phones connect generations and using Freya Ridings’ hit single “Lost without you”, that fit right into the atmosphere of the ad. Few months before that Nokia Mobile posted excellent ads for Diwali, showing how much family is important in our lives.

So it came as a surprise that this Christmas we didn’t see any video from Nokia Mobile promoting their devices and the never ending mission of connecting people. One could say that all the mentioned videos are recycling the same message, put down your phone and spend time with your loved ones, and in a nutshell they are. But in real life we know it’s not that simple, so having ads that promote your device and send some wholesome holiday message at the same time is a PR win-win strategy.

Why we didn’t see it this year, I don’t know. Maybe because HMD’s best offering, the Nokia 8.1, won’t be available in Europe, where Christmas is probably celebrated the most, until mid-January next year.

In China, HMD posted a “Christmas” ad on the social network Weibo. It’s obvious that the video is made for a global audience, featuring the Nokia 8.1. We also see no direct signs of Christmas, but the theme is similar to the last year’s video and title is “The most precious gift you can give, is you”, so it’s safe to assume. Unfortunately, the resolution is 360p and we re-posted it on our YouTube channel because it isn’t available outside Weibo and one cannot embed Weibo videos.


You can find the original video on Weibo here.

If you have any particular Nokia ad you like, freely leave it in the comments down below. I always liked the N-series ads using Moby’s In my heart as the music in background. 🙂