Video: Great collection of Nokia phones on sale

I don’t know how many collections of Nokia phones that actually work are there in the world. There might be one in the Nokia HQ, maybe another in Microsoft’s cellar, and in new HMD Global offices. Also, there are some collections that Nokia fans and users have been gathering over the time. One of the biggest collections is definitely the one from Jim, or better known JimmyIreland, a long time Nokia fan and Nokia Forum member from its early beginnings. For some reasons, and some are stated in Jim’s post on the forum, the collection is being sold. This post is not about helping Jim sell it, but rather just to admire the shire number of Nokia feature, s30, s40, and other smartphones he collected. Also, this post is to take you down the memory lane and remember the good old days when you met your first Nokia phone. I saw their mine first Nokia phone, Nokia 6150, which was announced in 1998. It was a gorgeous device with the end finish in a color that was changing depending on the angle you were watching it.

Anyway, check out Jim’s video where he is displaying all the phone he got over the years. Some are in great condition, like those communicators, or N92 (if I’m correct).

Strangely, I didn’t see some very popular Symbian phones like C701, N97, Nokia 808 PureView, N8, N9? Where are those Jim, show them to us :). Back in 2013, we covered (on Croatian edition of Nokiamob) the sales of another huge Nokia collection which is probably sold out by now and that makes Jim’s valuable one. Definitely is much bigger than my collection of some 20 Nokia phones. Are you guys keeping your old Nokia phones? Post a photo of it (collection of Nokia phones, not something else) in the comments.