Buy Nokia 7.1 in selected EU countries from the Nokia store and get free screen replacement

From 14th of December till the end of this year, Nokia Mobile is offering free screen replacement for the first three months of purchase of the new Nokia 7.1 in selected EU countries. The free screen replacement is valid only if you buy from now till the end of the year the Nokia 7.1 via official Nokia online stores. Countries where this promotion is valid are
: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK.

To redeem the promo option, you have to go to the Nokia Support app on your Nokia 7.1, allow the app to read your IMEI and check under “Warranty and Insurance”, where your screen replacement option should be shown. You can check full terms and conditions here.

Free screen replacement (for 3 months) is a good promo option, because screens are usually the most fragile part of the phone (today we also have fragile back glass). It is still recommended to use screen protectors or cases if you want to protect your device, though I have to admit that I use neither, but I do take care about my phones and didn’t have any incidents thus far.

If you want to buy a different Nokia phone, you can still secure your device by paying for extender warranty of screen warranty in India or the EU. I’m sure similar offers exist in other markets as well.

Source: Nokia