Nokia, Elisa and Efore deploying liquid-cooled base stations

Nokia’s commitment to creating the energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally beneficial networking equipment was always high. The Finnish telecommunication giant dedicated many resources to develop commercially available components that could help us reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2,thus saving the energy consumption and costs to the operators. In their blog post, Nokia mentioned that 80% of a mobile network’s energy is consumed by base station sites and that 50% of that energy goes to the air cooling systems.
Nokia Bell labs just deployed new base stations that will be cooled with water, which is way better coolant that the air since can sore more energy. That energy could be reused for the purposes of water heating of buildings that are carrying these base stations, and the same water could be reused as a base station coolant.

The deployment of new water-cooled base stations is done together with Finnish operator Elisa and Finnish company Efore that is manufacturing various power supply units.

Nokia will demonstrate base station liquid cooling at the Renewable Energy World show in Orlando USA on 13-15 December. You can find them at stand 4451.

This what Nokia (Bell Labs) is doing is not something revolutionary, maybe it is in the networking business, but generally, it is the basic recycling. The sustainable way of living means that we need to govern the energy in a responsible way and always try to reuse whatever we can. It might seem to be costly at the beginning, but in the end, we will all profit from it.