New Nokia 8.1 coming to Europe on January 14th for €399

Nokia Mobile yesterday announced the new Nokia 8 – a Snapdragon 710 powered midrange device, launched as the successor of the best received Nokia Android phone to date, the Nokia 7 plus. At the launch event in Dubai, Nokia Mobile announced the launch date for the Middle East markets, while details for India (and rest of Asia) will be known in a few days when a separate event is scheduled.

TheVerge reports that Nokia 8.1 will be Europe’s first Nokia phone in 2019, setting the release date for Nokia 8.1 in, and I quote, “the UK and Europe” to 14th January with the price of the phone in Europe set to 399 euros, and in UK as £379.99.

Keep in mind, as usual, prices in the EU will vary depending of the country so 399 euro in Germany could be higher in other EU members. For example, Nokia 7.1 in Croatia costs 399 euros (more than 7 plus at the moment), so it’s reasonable to expect it to be priced 500 euros here, but it’s just my speculation. We will have to wait for the device to become available to know for sure.

Nothing was said for the US availability, so my guess is, considering the recently launched 7.1, that the 8.1 won’t find its way across the Pond.

You can learn more about Nokia 8.1 here.

via: TheVerge