#Nokia buying #Comptel for €347 million

Nokia publicly announced the intention to acquire Comptel, a networks software company based in Finland, for €347 million ($370 million). Comptel is Nokia’s long term partner, and fits into Nokia’s strategy of strengthening the software-related part of the Corporation. Nokia describes Comptel as:

“a long-time Nokia partner. It is a listed Finnish company, founded in 1986, with over 800 employees in 32 countries. Comptel has completed over 1 400 customer projects in more than 90 countries. It processes 20 percent of world’s mobile usage data every day, orchestrates communications and digital services for more than two billion end-users daily and its largest customer has around 300 million subscribers. In 2015, Comptel’s revenue was EUR 98 million with an 8.7 percent operating margin. The company’s major sites are in Finland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, India, the United Kingdom and Norway”

Read more about the acquisition here.

At the moment, Comptel shares on the Helsinki’s Stock Exchange are up 30%.