Nokia Mobile partnered with iKydz in Ireland for a safer smartphone experience

Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 are an ideal device for kids to enter the smartphone world. They have an excellent design and solid build quality, but after all, are affordable. We all know that kids easily break their stuff, therefore Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 seem like a good choice. You should see how does Nokia 3 look like after being with the 6-year old for a year.
Anyway, bringing kids closer to the internet can be somewhat dangerous, and parents should control what are they doing there.
HMD Global partnered with Irish internet safety company iKydz to give parents some peace of mind while their kids are using their smartphone. Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 will be coming to Ireland with the opportunity to trial the iKydz app for free. The trial period will last 3 months. By using iKydz services, parents will be able to control their child’s device when they are connected to the internet. It will allow parents to apply age-based restrictions, schedule online access, monitor how long their child has spent online, see what they’ve been viewing, filter different types of content, block unsuitable websites and apps, or shut off internet access completely.

This partnership looks like a good idea and is surely extending the HMD’s offer in Ireland. Now you can see kids wearing that myki watch, and that little thing is not so cheap. maybe is better to buy them Nokia 1, and see the movement of your child over a Google account, without paying some other services. iKydz does look like a good tool for some extra control. What do you use to control your kids?


Source TechBuzzIreland