EUIPO approves multiple Nokia 9 design patents with different camera arrays

European Union Intellectual Property Office approved multiple design patents of the Nokia 9 PureView. Following all the rumors about the 9 that started as early as December 2017, that the 9 was multiple times postponed, and filling date of the patents, confirms that in a way.

HMD Global submitted five design patents of the Nokia 9 PureView on 29th June 2018, that were approved on 11th March 2019. All five design patents show the device we now know as Nokia 9 PureView, but some with different camera arrangements on the back.

To be more precise, three design patents – 005331352-0001,0002, and –0003 look identical to the Nokia 9 PureView we Know now, but design –0004 has a 2-3-2 camera (+LED, ToF)  arrangement compared to 1-2-1-2-1 arrangement the original 9 PureView has now. The design –0005 has a noticeably bigger central sensor, which might suggest that a prototype had a bigger main sensor or maybe OIS on the main sensor.

Concept with bigger main camera sensor by Eero

The multiple different design patents of the Nokia 9 can be explained by HMD having a few different prototypes of the 9, and ultimately deciding to go forward with the configuration we have now. The designers mentioned by EUIPO are HMD’s Head of design Raun Forsyth and Industrial designer Chengli Hung.

EUIPO also approved the design patents of Nokia 4.2, that includes the LED indicator in the power button, and the patent for Nokia 210 design. From MWC2019 Devices, the design patent for Nokia 1 Plus was also approved. It was filed on 7th January and was approved two days ago under the design number 005949062-0001.

You can check HMD’s portfolio at EUIPO here.