#Nokia 5 passes #Bluetooth certification (TA-1024/1027/1044/1053)

After four variants of Nokia 3 passed Bluetooth SIG and FCC, now it’s Nokia 5’s turn to be certified by the Bluetooth SIG organization. Certification is one of the first steps in launching a phone on the market, and it seems that now 2 Nokia-branded phones are, at least in terms of Bluetooth standard used, ready to hit the shelves.

The four variants certified are:

  • TA-1024
  • TA-1027
  • TA-1044
  • TA-1053

Nokia 5 is officially expected in this quarter for an average retail price of €189. Nokia 6, 3 and 3310 are expected to come to the market in the same period as Nokia 5.

So, now we are one step closer to the sales start of the 5. Recent rumors said that the 3310 will come later this month, with the Nokia smartphone coming in May.

Source: Bluetooth SIG