Nokia 6.1 Plus available in Ukraine; Pre-orders open for Nokia 3.1 Plus and amazingly priced Nokia 7.1 in Russia

Nokia 6.1 plus

Nokia Mobile started the sales of the “new” Nokia 6.1 Plus in Uraine. Nokia 6.1 Plus is HMD’s first phone with the notch and a higher focus on “specs for money”. In Ukraine, according to, the device (4/64) started selling for 7,799 UAH or 241 euros.

Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia Mobile’s online store in Russia started taking pre-orders for the new Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 7.1. I find the Nokia 7.1 a really well-rounded device, and the price in Russia is spot on. The 3GB RAM/32GB storage model can be preorder for less than 250 euros or 18,990 rubles. Nokia 3.1 Plus also is available on pre-orders in Russia at a price of 12,990 rubles or 170 euros. The specs on Nokia’s webstore say that the 3.1 Plus features 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

Nokia 7.1

For 250 euros I could tolerate the notch on the Steel-copper Nokia 7.1 anyday. The price of Nokia 3.1 Plus is OK, but I am not sure if the “3GB+16GB” memory configuration is correct. Nokia’s official site in Russia says that the 3.1 Plus come in a 3GB+32GB memory configuration, which is solid for 170 euros, if true.