Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 3.4 are receiving new updates

Nokia 6.2 is the next to receive the November security patch from Nokia Mobile. The update is 17.78 MB large and just brings the security update for the device. The update should be available globally, so if you are hanging out with your digital pet, give it a break and make it secure.

Nokia 3.4 also picked up a not so large Android Build update V1.200 which is bringing the standard UI enhancements, system improvements and October security patch for now. The device came with September security patch, so this is good.

The update is 72.88 MB large but didn’t bring some significant improvements, probably some under the hood tweaks. Some transition animations are a but smoother and apps start quicker, and the camera app was bumped from version 97.10.1380.02 to the version 97.10.1400.02. I noticed that the night shot is now quicker.

Anyway, if you already picked up Nokia 3.4, do check if the update is available.


Our Update tracker page is updated too 🙂 If something is missing do tip us.

Thanks Henryk for the tip and screenshots.