Nokia’s head of patents business leaving the company

Nokia’s head of patents business, Ilkka Rahnasto, is leaving the company to seek his business happiness elsewhere. Rahnasto specialized in intellectual property law, and was involved in issues related to IPR law and was shaping Nokia’s global IPR strategy. His job will be divided between Nokia veterans Jenni Lukander and Eeva Hakoranta.
Nokia’s patent business might seem a bit less fun and important in Nokia, but it started producing revenue after Nokia sold its Devices and Services department, and was able to monetize its patent portfolio.

Anyway, luckily a lawyer is leaving Nokia, otherwise, if some highly positioned engineer left, Nokia might seem like a boring place to work since most of the fun is now with HMD Global. Just kidding. Nokia is still generating exciting and compelling technologies, but it’s just not sharing it with the world in a fun and engaging way. There are some products like Nokia WiFi solution that could bring some excitement to the people, but there lack will to bring human touch that Nokia used to cherish 5 years ago.

Via Reuters


Thanks Viccky Maurya for the tip 😉