HMD’s “Face Unlock” trademark rejected

Photo: XDA

The European Union Office for Intellectual Property or shorter EUIPO, has rejected HMD’s “Face Unlock” trademark that the company filed on 16th April this year. We don’t know the exact reason why it was refused, but it is most likely that the term “Face unlock” isn’t distinctive enough and has been used in various industries for decades. 

The other new trademark HMD filed was “PureDisplay”, and that trademark has met the minimum filing requirements and is now under examination. Apart from PureDisplay, HMD also owns “PureView” – a trademark that Microsoft acquired with the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services business, that represents the camera technology behind the great cameras on various Nokia (Lumia) devices. Other trademarks HMD owns but hasn’t used are Tarmo and Asha, while the Xpress-On trademark, also known from old Nokia days, is used as the name for Nokia 1 covers.

You can check HMD’s EUIPO portfolio here.

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