Nokia Chronicles featuring John Velasco from Digital Trends

The new special guest of the latest Nokia Chronicles episode is a good guy John Velasco that you might be familiar with from media like Digital Trends, Phone Arena, and Android Authority. Adrian and Justin did a nice 45-minute long episode for a change and prepared some nice questions for the guest too.

Actually, the questions are all about Nokia but they also wanted to know what John thinks of the last days of Nokia, and the latest Nokia phones made by HMD Global or Nokia Mobile as known here. John also mentioned that his first phone was, believe it or not, a Nokia. He got himself a Nokia 5110 which used to be the most popular choice of all the youngsters back in 2001.

Anyways, Aussies did another nice podcast that will make you walk through the memory lane of old Nokia phones that some of you used, wanted to use, or were before you were even a thought in your parents’ minds.

Do click on the photo and relax for 45 minutes.