Review of a MOZO Fabric and Leather Case for Nokia 6.1

Mozo, a Finnish manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, sent us the newest protective case for Nokia 6.1. This case is a part of MOZO’s latest Fabric and Leather case collection designed and developed in Europe. The case body is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is covered with soft fabric and good quality Spanish leather. MOZO did tell us that the covers sent were not the final product and that the transition from leather to polycarbonate body has been improved.

The design of the case is typical Scandinavian, with simple and clean lines that will make your device stand out. Its polycarbonate body fits the device flawlessly, and it doesn’t become loose with age. It also gives a great protection for the body of the Nokia 6.1, even though the screen is not so protected since the case edges of the case are not elevated.

I love the light gray version of the case, but there is a big problem with dirt that accumulates on the leather, thus changing its color to light to dark brown. The case does age well, especially if you fancy that worn out look, but at the end, it becomes so dirty that you’ll eventually have to buy a new one.

I tried to clean the leather, but I just made it look worse. I must say that I didn’t tend the case much or was being gentle with it, and that is why it accumulated the dirt so quickly. The fabric also got a bit dirty at the edges from usage, so I would suggest you should always keep your hands clean and dry. I would also suggest that you rather go for the dark version of the cover since it is not prone to the previously mentioned problems. Stipe experienced the similar problems with its Nokia 7 Plus MOZO case.

I was keeping the phone in my pocket, or in the pretty tight pocket of a man purse, and that caused the MOZO logo to chip off. I even managed to prick my finger on it, so MOZO might consider ditching the chromed logo and go for a stamp. I suggest you avoid holding your phone in a pants pocket, or in a purse that has a tight pocket.

In the end, I would say that for €28.90 you rather pick a dark version of the Nokia 6.1 Fabric and Leather Case. It also looks great, and it will last longer.

If you would like to see all the cases that MOZO designed for Nokia devices, check their official web shop.

Thanks MOZO for the provided case :).