Quick review: MOZO Wrap case for Nokia 6


The Nokia 6, the new as well as the old, are beautifully crafted devices. The whole design is based around the central metal plate that gives the device sturdiness, combined with the unibody housing from a single block of aluminum. To keep the device safe, and more importantly the surrounding, a standard practice is to use a case. Finnish accessories maker Mozo sent us two of their leather “wrap” cases for the Nokia 6 in black and brown so our floors don’t get much damaged when the 6 accidentally falls.

The wrap cases feel sturdier and will probably endure more than the Ultra Slim cases Mozo offers, but they are a little thicker and heavier. In no way are they thick or heavy, but they add weight and a different feel to the device. They fit tight around the device, and I’m a little impressed how precise they are made. The sides of the cases do feel harder, but I guess they have to be to hold everything in place.

The material Mozo used is  “Premium, Genuine leather”. Not going into the quality on the microscopic level, the cases do feel premium under fingers and I would say they have a nice leather texture. The black and brown colors are a little conservative, but really attractive.
Judging from the thickness and overall feel, these cases should last a significant portion of time and they look capable of protecting the device without taking many damages, compared to the Ultra Slim models that are thinner, lighter, but seem more fragile, but they also cost less. We have been using, both the black and the brown case, for quite some time and there were no problems related to the quality of the case that we noticed. The price might be a little higher than what most accessory makers asks (though, it is related to the quality of the product), but these two Mozo cases do look like they were made to endure the whole lifecycle of a device, and not many cases do that. Anyway, we will regularly update how they “perform” on the long run in the future.


You can find the black leather Mozo wrap case for the Nokia 6 by clicking HERE for a price of €24.99. The case in the brown can be found for the same price by clicking here.