Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8 started receiving Google’s July Security patch

Few hours after the Nokia 7 Plus started receiving the Google’s July security update, the same one came for Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8. It seems that the update came first to the Indian market. The update is still not available for our TA-1043 Nokia 6.1, so I assume that HMD is releasing the updates in phases.
The update for Nokia 6.1 is 87.7 MB large while the update for Nokia 8 is 71.4 MB large. Both updates bring just the security patch, but that is not so bad :).
The update is still not available for our Nokia 8 Sirocco (TA-1005), but if we take into the account the current release rate, it won’t be long until we get it.

Anyway, I’m still trying to balance myself from the last night celebration, and please, let me share with you the atmosphere from the after in Split, Croatia. Photos taken with the Nokia 8 Sirocco, but their quality is reduced to preserve the server space.

Thanks everyone who gave us the heads up. I appreciate it!