You can now compare Nokia phones at

Nokia Mobile has updated its web pages with a new option. You are now able to compare up to three Nokia phones. You can choose to compare Android and Classic phones since there is no separation between those two groups. You probably won’t compare Nokia 8 Sirocco with Nokia 8110 4G, but you would want to see the difference between the banana phone and Nokia 1, for example.

People will probably still go to GSMArena for comparison between phones, but this one is also good. One thing can be improved though. Nokia Mobile needs to fill up some missing hardware details, or at least make them unified for every model. For example, for some models, you can see the screen resolution or type of BT, and for another, you can’t. Also, it would be cool to add the official price for every model.


To compare Nokia phones go to


Thanks Eero for the heads up 🙂