MOZO Ultra Slim cover for Nokia 3 (2017)

Nokia 3 is a beautifully designed device. HMD was trying to incorporate the “Fabula” design from previous Nokia devices and did it successfully. But, to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear, you need to find a good cover. There is just one tiny problem with covers. They are usually ugly and make your phone fat, or they are made of silicone and get yellowish after a month or so. It would be good to find a compromise, something that is not ugly, that doesn’t make your phone fat, and that it gives some protection. Luckily, there is one Finnish company that supported Nokia phones before, and it is doing so today. The company name is MOZO, and they make accessories for various types of phones, among them, accessories for new Nokia smartphones.

MOZO has sent us different types of covers for the first batch of Nokia phones, and this one we got for Nokia 3 is the same one we tested before for the Nokia 5. The ultra-slim cover for Nokia 5 had a design flow and was breaking from material tear at the cover corners. I tested the Nokia 3 ultra-slim cover for more than a month to see if it had the same flow, and it didn’t break.
The cover is made out of polycarbonate, and it is super light and super easy to put on the device. It fits the device perfectly, and it doesn’t change its shape with time. What I liked the most about it, is its rough finish and spruce texture which helps improve the grip a lot, and it looks great.

The side buttons are not covered, so you won’t have a problem with using them or recognizing them on touch. This type of cover doesn’t protect the screen well, or at all since it’s not elevated on its corners. The sole purpose is to protect the corners of the device, its back from scratches, and to improve the grip. Also, Nokia 3 looks great in it.

To end this micro review, I need to answer the most important question. Is it worth the €14.99? Well, I would say yes, since it is light, good looking and durable.


If you are interested in this one, check out the MOZO shop!