Nokia and Vodafone promoting first 4G network on Moon. Bonus: How I screwed up Nokiamob’s Twitter account!

If you are a fan of Twitter like we all at Nokiamob are, or at least a regular Twitter user, and if you follow this blog/portal, you might have noticed that Nokiamob Twitter account got erased (Crying in Spanish). We didn’t do anything inappropriate or started bashing opponents or talk badly of MediaTek, but just a slight, pretty stupid thing. And it is solely my responsibility.
Well, recently someone pointed out to me that our founding year might not be known to everyone, or at least to someone who needs that kind of information. Mostly my wife uses it to remind me of how long have I been neglecting our family and kids (this is kind of funny to me, but she isn’t smiling). And to rectify that oversight, I entered the exact year Nokiamob was started and guess what, Twitter locks automatically account of people younger than 13. Well, fcuk me, now @NokiamobBlog twitter account is locked…

Well, you know what they say about the stupidity of humans: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”.

I contacted many Twitter accounts, sent my documents… Until this problem is solved, see you on Face or here, on the blog!

By the way, Nokia is at Cebit (11-15 June), promoting their mission to build a first 4G network on Moon together with VodafoneGroup. Visit Vodafone’s stand 32


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