Nokia and Orange will roll out 4G LTE in 7 countries in Africa

A three-year modernization project is currently underway by operator Orange and telco-gear maker Nokia to modernise the existing 2G and 3G, and implement the 4G LTE network in 7 African countries. This report comes, saying that Nokia and Orange also set up a dedicated support center to monitor and support the upgrade of the network, and the regional center in Ivory Coast will “serve as a gateway for the future introduction of advanced solutions and technologies serving IoT, smart cities and other use cases in Africa.”

About 11,000 radio sites will be modernized as part of the project. The countries were the 4G LTE network is expected to be operational in 3 years are: Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Niger. After the modernization, HMD’s 4G feature phone(s) and 4G-supporting affordable smartphones will surely become more useful and desirable in those markets.