Tragic accident involving Nokia 5233 happened in India

One unfortunate accident happened to an 18-year-old girl from the Indian village of Kheriakani. Her Nokia 5233 smartphone exploded while she was talking on it, and the girl later died from the conflicted injuries. Various newspapers reported that the phone was charging while she was using it for conversation.

This is a real tragedy but we still don’t know what caused the explosion of the phone. There could be many reasons for it. To keep the risk of such accidents at a minimum, people should be checking the condition of their phones more often, especially older ones. Another important thing here is the proper maintenance of our smartphones. Nokia 5233 is a phone that was released by Nokia in January 2010 and it passed its lifespan long time ago. If you still have this device, you probably had to change its battery at least once, and some of you maybe had to do some repairs on it. The one I got has a replacement battery, and those are definitely not stable as the original Nokia battery. Actually, it got swollen with time, so I recycled it. I remember that Nokia used to pull some batteries from the market if they noticed overheating problems and that Nokia always had strict control over the battery production. Batteries are after all a small chemical power plant that decays with time and can become unstable.

Additionally, sometimes to save costs of repairs people take smartphones to unregistered repair centres where one can get unofficial spare parts that are cheaper, but generally not with the same quality as the original parts. Also, technicians there might not be properly educated or have specific tools to conduct some repairs. This all can result in an electrical failure within the device with a possibility to injure the end user.

What I wanted to point out is that bad maintenance of your phones and use of unofficial spare parts can result in an accident. Many people are not able to get new phone every two years, but this tragedy should remind us to take proper care of devices that we keep close to us every day.