Nokia 7.2 continues receiving Android 11

The announcement that the last propper Nokia flagship device, Nokia 9 PureView, won’t be getting an Android 11 OS update was the modern Burning memo. However, many knew that this device had issues with the software and the new software version was even buggier. Since this device wasn’t sold in millions, Nokia Mobile decided to rather leave it with Android 10 which works well than updating the device and causing more issues.

Android 11 being late was a sign that things are not going well in the software department of Nokia Mobile. The problems continued with Nokia 7.2 which received its first Android 11 update in November 2021. The second wave came a few months later and the third one popped up just recently.

The update V3.690 is finally available for our Nokia 7.2, but it seems to me that it might pop up on other devices that still haven’t received the update. The size of the package is pretty large, 1.59 GB and the update is also bringing a February patch.

I must say that the installation was quick and the old champ is working perfectly. I have never experienced any trouble with my 7.2 except the screen got some kind of burn marks in the upper left corner.

Are you happy with your Nokia 7.2?

Nokia 6.2 April 2022 update

Nokia 6.2 is also receiving a software update. Our reader Henrik just emailed us that his Nokia 6.2 just got a 23 MB large April security patch. The update is available in Uzbekistan which is a nice country just above Turkmenistan. Do check your Nokia 6.2 for update availability.


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