New Nokia 6 (2018) goes on sale in Russia starting March 27th, pricing of 4/64GB version announced; Nokia 1 available in Ghana

Nokia 6 2018

This year HMD shifted into a higher gear regarding the time they need to bring the announced devices to the market. We already saw Nokia 1 appearing in German, Dutch and probably other European stores at a price point of 89 to 99 euros, depending on the market and store. Nokia 1 also started its Africa tour, becoming available in Ghana. reports that HMD sent a press release announcing the sale start of the Nokia 1 in Ghana. Unfortunately, no price was mentioned, but considering that the Nokia 2 costs 86 euros there, the 1 should be priced around 70 euros (maybe even lower).

In Russia, HMD officially announced (via: the sale of Nokia 6.1 (new Nokia 6 or Nokia 6 2018) starts on 27th March. The devices in black (+copper) and white (+iron) colors with 3GB+32GB memory are available for delivery from Nokia’s official store from 28th March for 17,990 rubles or 254 euros. The Nokia 6.1 will also come with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM in blue (+gold) color for a price of 19,990 rubles or 282 euros. The availability of the 4GB+64GB version is unknown.

I am positively surprised that HMD managed to ship some of the devices to some of the markets before the officially given launch period, that is April. Hopefully, the Nokia 7 plus will soon start popping up in different markets, Sirocco and 8110 4G as well. The 7 plus is already available in China at an attractive price point.

If your local retailer has the new Nokia devices in stock, be free to share the country and which devices. As always, we like to hear what you think about it in the comments down below. 🙂