Nokiamob’s agents played with newly announced Nokia 8110, 1, 6, 7 Plus and 8 Sirocco


We weren’t so lucky this year, actually for the past 4 years, to be present at the most important event in a world of mobile phones, Mobile World Congress, but we had some of our agents there. They have been playing for a while with all four launched Nokia phones and took us some hands-on shots, but also shared with us their first impression about the phones. Nokiamob’s agents visited HMD’s booth, which is situated just outside of the Hall 3 where the Nokia’s connected city of the future is situated. Time to play with the devices was short, but enough to spill some thought about them.

Let us start with the Nokia 8110 which is obviously the star of the event. The build quality is great, and it is truly remarkable how the phone resembles the original in its shape. There are evidently some 20 years of improvement, but you won’t mistake it for any other phone. The ergonomics of the phone is superb, and sliding mechanism works perfectly. Typing could be a bit difficult since we are not so used to T9 keyboard, mainly so you’ll need some time to remember how you used to do it way back then. The software, features based on KaiOS, is responsive enough. The good thing about this phone is that it can be used as a WiFi hotspot.


Then our trusted agents played with the Nokia 1. The phone isn’t of their interest, but it is built nicely and fits the hand comfortably. Back cover comes off easily and there are many official XpressOn covers to change the looks of the 1.


Nokia 6 (2018) left them speechless. They had a chance to play with the blue version which looks cool. The phone feels like a rock and it lies in the hand perfectly. Build quality is as superb as the original. Just look at it!

Nokia 7 Plus is beautiful. That was the first description I got when asked about this 6-inch screen beauty. The build quality is really high and those ceramic layers give it a matt finish which feels nice under the fingers. By the way, the device is fingerprint proof. The ergonomics of the device is great, but people with larger hands won’t be in trouble reaching further corners of the screen. Nokia 7 Plus is larger than Samsung Galaxy S, more like S8+.

And now about the Sirocco. So, this phone utilized the stainless steel as the original Sirocco did and another thing HMD managed to utilize was the good looks. Nokia 8 Sirocco is one of the most beautiful phones out there. Its build is superb, and it surely feels like a premium phone. But, the phone is slippery as hell and really hard to hold. Another tricky thing to do is get used to the tiny buttons on the 2mm thick sides. Also, Sirocco is a fingerprint magnet, so you’ll be wiping it on your chest a lot.

Agents were instructed to find out if Sirocco and 7 Plus have optical stabilization and they got an answer, which by the way you might not like. Both phones lack OIS, but rather have EIS or the digital stabilization. This could be a bummer for a lot of people that might have been thinking of buying it since the cameras are obviously been improved a lot on them.

General thought was that the phones aren’t so bad, and they will be able to cope with the competitors. Their build quality is even better than the phones launched last year. Stipe and I are gonna get our chance to play with the devices next week when HMD Global is holding an event for Central and East Europe media, so we’ll see if phones are good as our agents say ?.

Tell us, what do you think about the devices now after the initial thrill have passed? I am kind of all for Nokia 7 Plus, you?

*P.S. we also have a video. When I edit it, you’ll know 🙂