VoLTE support allegedly not planned for Nokia 9 PureView in Russia

The flagship device of every company is expected to have all the best features a company can offer to the market. Not only in terms of performance or camera, but also in terms of connectivity. So it comes a surprise recent information from Russia that HMD Global reportedly won’t add support for VoLTE on the Nokia 9 PureView, even though that feature was requested by at least one operator.

This info comes from multiple Nokia 9 PureView users in Russia contacting their operators requesting info about VoLTE on the Nokia 9. Employee of one of the operators stated that HMD said to them that they do not plan to bring VoLTE on Nokia 9, as was shared with us from a reader.

Voice-over-LTE or shorter VoLTE is a communication standard that allows voice calls over the 4G LTE network. 4G/LTE network isn’t designed for voice calls, but the VoLTE protocol fixes that issue, so users with VoLTE enabled phones don’t have to use 3G infrastructure for voice calls.

We requested an official comment from HMD Global, but by the time of posting of this article we didn’t get a response.

There shouldn’t be any technical reasons for Nokia 9 not supporting VoLTE, considering the Nokia 8110 4G supports it (at least in Croatia), so if the info about HMD not planning to add VoLTE on the 9 is correct, what messages does it send to potential Nokia flagship smartphone buyers?