HMD working on Glance Screen and gesture control improvements

A member of XDA forum, and luckily our reader, has tipped us that HMD is working on the extension of Glance Screen options. He found this info while playing with Android 8.1 beta on his Nokia 8. This is more than welcome info since many of Nokia 8 owners didn’t like so much this Android version of Glance Screen. I must say, while testing the Nokia 8, I missed many options of the Glance from Nokia Lumia days, but this one from Nokia 8 was more than welcomed for me.

It seems that HMD is planning to put two modes of Glance Screen, Legacy and Elegant, which will differ mainly in the number of app notification shown. There will also be a possibility to set the backlight of the glance screen depending on the light conditions.

HMD won’t be stopping there. They are also working on gesture control improvement on the Nokia 8. When I came from Nokia Lumia and later LG GX models back to Nokia, I rather missed the most an option where phone call could be answered just buy raising the phone to your ear. I am not sure if HMD will add this particular gesture, but there will be a possibility to use fingerprint scanner to scroll through your notification. Additionally, there will be an option to hide navigation bar if you want to use the whole screen.

At the end, it seems that there will be an option for better color calibration of the screen.

We are not sure when and with what update will all these improvements be applied, and also on what devices, but Android 8.1 could be fun to use on Nokia devices.


Thanks Cristian for the tip 🙂


Source XDA