HMD Global will address the fingerprint scanner issue of Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView that can register fingerprint from a chewing gum package? That has a collectors value, and HMD wants it badly :). Just kidding, it is just HMD that wants to check on the device that had this issue.

Juho Sarvikas responded to the video made by Twitter user Decoded Pixel and said that he will get a new Nokia 9 PureView and his copy will be checked by HMD Global to see what is going on with its fingerprint sensor since HMD couldn’t recreate unlocking of the phone with a chewing gum package.

All kudos go to Sarvikas and HMD that do take care of users and watch what is going on with their devices. Hopefully, Sarvikas or HMD Global will inform the rest of the test results and what was the problem with the device.